Welcome to Sånn, a ready-made solution for showcasing your body of work in a truly captivating manner! It’s exactly what your projects have been waiting for all this time!


What We Do

Whether it’s in a one-off consultancy capacity or as ongoing service providers, we can work both as an extension of your team or as your sole marketing division.

Scalable Campaigns

Scalable Campaigns

Are you a startup with limited funding? Let’s test the method before ramping up spend.

ROI Driven

No guess work. Be decisive with factual data. We work to budgets and grow your business.


Total Visibility

All optimisation, methods to content production and search acquisition are laid out.


People Friendly

Know who’s working on your business and a direct contact when you need a sounding board or advice. We care.

Services We Offer

We believe the answer to a successful growth strategy is working hard to join offline and online marketing efforts to make the most of traditional PR, content creation, social media, content strategy, email marketing, advertising, digital word of mouth, innovative ideas and technical SEO.

Strategy Audit

Investigating and compiling a robust plan to improve your business online. We get to really know your business, competitors and opportunities. We offer a tailor-made approach to your needs, and work to your budget with work that's transparent and cost-effective. And if it’s not, we’d be the first to tell you.


From rock-solid structural and technical foundations to the way it looks, what it says and how it works for your users, we create websites that see more traffic, more engagement and more business. Offsite, links, local and citations are all central to the successful SEO strategies we devise and deliver.

Content Marketing

We help you connect with your customers through the creation of content which is made for your users and is meant to be interacted with. Whether it be text or advertising assets. We create useful content that communicates the important messages you want to convey. We create copy which is not only Google friendly but user friendly too.

User Experience

Understanding your brand and your customer online is how we maximise engagement, conversions and revenue. We analyse user behaviour and test our way to success to ensure we're developing your online business into something that will elicit repeat business and/or brand awareness.

Digital Advertising

Paid search can be an important part to a digital marketing strategy. Forward planning, flexibility and understanding your product or service is key to a return on investment tightly run campaign on Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Bing and Yahoo.

Social Media

The future of online is more content on more types of devices and screens. Selecting the right social channels is key to reaching out to new and existing customers and having the right voice is imperative. We can handle all your accounts, from creative to scheduling to testing and reporting.


We love to work with an in-house team whether it be for specific projects or on long term developments. If you have the time or would like to develop a team in-house then we love to train you to take over your digital marketing needs. From self-help guides to hand holding through face to face meets we cater our training specifically to the level you need.

Business Viability Vision

Have an idea? Want to know the demand for it? Want to identify your competitors and what’s needed to surpass them online? And the costs of getting to where you need to be? We can save you time and money later by offering a full strategic audit of all demand in your sector with supporting documents that slot into your business plan.


All our services come with a level of consultancy. But whether you have an in-house marketing team or external resources, we can provide a expert, overarching digital strategy for your business. We plan, execute, and manage marketing campaigns across organic, paid, and social channels that grow your marketing and sales results.