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We offer digital marketing consultancy and services.

Our focused and adaptive approach to marketing strategy is tailor-made to your needs, aims and budget.
We're dedicated to making your business flourish online. How?

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We listen to make sure we know where you want your business to be. Then with our industry-specific knowledge and a series of tailored interrelated services, we help you get there.

Ben Cooper

Ben is a senior digital strategist with well over a decade’s experience. He started his career working at HostelBookers.com and Rough Guides before becoming online travel editor at Red Online and ELLEuk.

Since starting Web Hands he’s helped grow a wide variety of businesses both in a consultancy capacity and through game-changing SEO and digital advertising campaigns. His SEO expertise underpins everything we do, sitting right on the intersection of technical SEO, creative content marketing and strategic insight.

An hispanophile, he speaks Spanish fluently and loves flamenco.

Phillipa Sudron

Phillipa started her first business at 17, before setting up two more businesses as well as running and selling her family’s business.

After university she completed a fast-track graduate management program with Debenhams Plc which gave her a sound understanding of larger organisations as well as SMEs. Now with 9 years of digital marketing experience she’s the project management and operations heart of the business, as well as being the aesthete of the duo and lover of design.

She is passionate about social initiatives and urban regeneration where her outlet is her home town.

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