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F o o d

Our appetite for food is insatiable. Is it time for your restaurant business to take a bigger bite of the market?

In a crowded restaurant market, consumers are turning to their mobiles more than ever before to choose where to eat. You want to get more people to your restaurant? We have the case studies that prove our method.


Our strategic SEO audits and onsite improvements drive business-changing improvements in rankings and commercially key organic traffic.


We know restaurants. And we provide you with day-to-day advice on all things digital drawing from our years of expertise in the business.

Paid Search

Our approach to paid search dovetails perfectly with your SEO efforts. We deliver Google Ads campaigns - from search and local to display/remarketing - that result in store visits.

Paid Social

We plan, set up and manage game-changing Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for restaurants that drive shop visit conversions and footfall.

Restaurant Case Study

Honest Burgers


We were charged with delivering digital marketing campaigns that helped a well-known restaurant chain grow.


  • Initial SEO audit and corresponding technical/optimization improvements.
  • Introduction of conversion rate optimization framework.
  • Set-up and management of Google Ads and paid social (FB/IG) campaigns.
  • Ongoing digital consultancy.

Initial SEO Results

  • Improvements in rankings and search visibility across a wide variety of key commercial burger and general restaurant-related terms.
  • +50% increase in year-on-year organic traffic.
  • Significant growth in footfall and revenue.

Maintaining Momentum

And success breeds success – based on the results of our initial SEO work, we launched and continue to manage:

  • A highly strategic paid search strategy: targeting a range of relevant burger-related terms, the conversion rates of these campaigns now exceed even organic traffic.
  • Targeted paid social campaigns: working in conjunction with the business’s other digital activities, we use Facebook and Instagram advertising to reach new and existing audiences to drive awareness, engagement and footfall.

Other Restaurant Clients